Human and Technology

Human population is coming to an extinction because of technology. Ha. How come?

I was on the road, on my way to campus last night when this thought came to my mind. Human will no longer be needed if technology keeps on being developed. Human is the most powerful, brilliant, amazing source we had, you know. At least their brain are. I haven’t read much, but let me assume that until this day, there are still no research that can completely know how human brain works, for real. We have the model, we have the way it works, but we have actually not yet known what thing can this brain do, actually.

I know this thought is too wild, and I haven’t read anything to prove anything anyway, I know. I just want to release this urge inside me to say something.

In my major, Informatics Engineering, I learned about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence finds a way to create a machine that works like human. Hence, to actually replace human to do something. At first, it was to finish computational thing, then now there’s Siri, an actual assistant that we can talk to. There is some models I’ve learned, one of them is Artificial Neural Network. This model tries to duplicate how human’s neural network works. In simple language, to model the brain, to duplicate human’s brain.

But then, I came back to my paragraph before, that we actually not knowing what can it actually do. We don’t know, but we create model. What if, one day, will come a day when those model can beat us? What if, one day, robots with human brain’s model actually use it optimally, and we lose. Because we don’t know how to use it optimally.

Those thoughts ends with me imagining a war between human and robots, where we, human, lose.


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