Frozen Review

I mean this is a so-called review from the Frozen movie. Not that this review is frozen. 😛

Several days ago, two days before I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I went to watch Frozen. It’s a Disney’s movie, cartoon, musical. You know, the typical Disney’s movie. The all-singing-all-dancing to finish any problem and they will actually live happily ever after anyway. 😛

Frozen Movie Poster. Taken from here.

Frozen Movie Poster. Taken from here.

The story was adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s book, The Ice Queen. That’s what’s written at the beginning of the credit title. It was about sisters that live in a kingdom named Arendelle. The older sister has a power to turn everything she touches into ice. They have problems, sing, dance, then in the end the problem disappear anyway. They live happily ever after.

Movie was good. I thought about my sister most of the time while watching. Because of the characters. An older sister, Elsa, who’s cold and mean, but actually loves her sister, Anna, very much and act that way so Anna won’t be hurt. A younger sister who’s full of life ad cheerful, clueless about why her sister is so cold.

Anyway, the movie is actually pretty good. I just don’t like it that much. Because the problem is too realistic. When I go watch a Disney’s movie, I expect to just enjoy the song and be happy, but with Frozen, it’s not all that happy. It even has some talks about frozen heart. So it’s a bit too dark for my image on Disney’s movies. Soundtrack’s good as always, though. Elsa is narrated by Idina Menzel, who is, so great. I guess it’s because she’s been on Broadway. Or she was on Broadway because she’s so good. Yeah.

Anyway, I actually want to write this post because I want to share to you about how to make snowflake pattern from paper. But I guess this post is going to be too long if I start write about that now. Let me just tell you that tomorrow. I’m sorry for being so lack of focus. -__-

See you, then.


One thought on “Frozen Review

  1. The real version is even darker. This movie took a long time to be produced because of that. Despite that, I enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed the music, the ice particles, and even Elsa’s clothes. It is a shame WDA is producing comedy for their next animation. Musicals have been my favorite 😀

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