First up, I’m sorry for the gloomy post title. I know I shouldn’t post gloomy things here, but I promise you, it’s not as gloomy as the post title. Or maybe it is, though. It depends on how you would interpret it anyway.

Second, hello, WordPress, I’m back! I’m sorry for abandoning you for a long time. No excuse, really, it’s between I’m to lazy to write anything serious and I haven’t been involving myself in interesting or exciting matters lately. Or rather, I was busy leading more than one lives, yeah, but I’ll not tell you about that here.

Okay. So, what’s up? I would just go straight up and tell you, I just had an experience that shattered and scarred my whole being and existence as a human. I think you’ll already know that I’m a visual person and mostly I will have this experience after I watch a movie. So, what movie did I watch this time?

The movie is Lucy. You know, a movie where Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman are the lead roles. Just go Google it. But really, I won’t give you too much information because I’m pretty sure it won’t be interesting for most of you. It wasn’t that interesting for me too. I just went because my friends asked me to. And because there’s a buy 1 get 1 free promo.

As usual, I’m not the type of people who watches movie trailers because nowadays those trailers shows too much of the movie story line we have nothing to be surprised on while actually watching it. So I didn’t go look for this movie’s trailer. I had no idea what the movie is about except that Scarlett Johansson is the main actress. My mind was alerted when I watched the movie poster before get into the studio.

Actually, my mind was alerted already because of the friends I went to watch the movie with. But well, I won’t talk about it here.

So, Lucy was telling us a story about someone, a nobody, they didn’t even bother to give us what’s the background of that person, named Lucy (of course). Lucy here had an experience of being able to control 100% of her brain’s capacity. For those of you who don’t know yet, there’s a myth that we normal humans are only able to control 10% of our brain’s capacity (1).

The movie showed me about what will happen if someone has that ability. That was what gave me the experience that shattered and scarred me. I don’t want to have that ability, but I understand completely now about what people are talking about when they talk about ‘what is your purpose in life?’.

This movie was able to tell me that, to follow passion and desire as a human is a waste of time. It wasn’t what we were build for. It wasn’t why we existed in the world. We have very limited time to fulfill our duty in this world, so really, chasing passion and desire are a waste of time. Duty? What duty? Who gives us the duty? You want my answer? Well, it will be, I don’t know. I don’t know what or who give(s) us the duty, I don’t know what or who use(s) us as tools. But really, does it really matter?

I observed that humans tend to look for a subject. Who did this, who did that, who is this, who is that. But really, does it really matter? Because honestly, with this limited capacity of brain and limited ability to use it, I agree with the thought that said, “the last person on earth who remember you will die anyway when the world ends”. Indeed, the last person on earth who remember you will die anyway.

But let’s imagine this. You make the world as a better place to live. You take care of it, nurture it, you keep records of what’s going on while you’re alive, you take note of what will be good and what will be bad, keep them, then pass it to other people who will continue living after you die. That people continue what you’ve done, improve what can be improved, stop doing whatever unnecessary, and pass it on. When the cycle continues, earth will really be a better place to live, don’t you think? And when everybody does it, it won’t really matter who does what, right? What matter is world is a better place to live and it keeps getting better.

I think it’s not that hard, but the fact that we’re heading to the direction where we destroy the earth more than we’re making it a better place to live shows otherwise. That’s what scarred me the most.

And of course, that all I do is just talk about it instead of actually acting on it.


(1) I tried to Google it, but apparently since it’s a myth it has no exact origin. But here are some articles which say that it’s a myth


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